about me

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Hi! First of all, thank you for checking out City Tonic. Like most things in my life, this blog will be a constant work-in-progress (meaning: it will change frequently, and hopefully get better as it matures).

Let me give you a little background: I’m Jessye – a blogger and style enthusiast living in Boston. I’m also a senior designer/art director for T.J.Maxx. I started this blog to share my personal style and simply be more creative. It gives me a chance to define and evolve my tastes in fashion while honing my web design/photography/art directing skills (I’m happy to say that all elements of this blog are designed, developed and maintained by me). Fashion blogging isn’t superficial – in fact, it’s one of the best forums for inspiration and individual expression. I believe in mixing luxury pieces with the super inexpensive. And pairing fancy pumps with your most well-loved (and worn) denim. I like to be creative wherever I can and reinvent my wardrobe by piecing new finds with items I’ve owned for years and years.

I hope you find some inspiration here, too. For extra style tidbits and lots of photos of my cute pup(!), please follow me on Instagram.

Here are some bits & pieces about me:

I’m almost always overdressed.

I was an English Major at the University of Virginia (so I must be smart, right?).

The adorable Boston Terrier who makes occasional guest appearances is my dog, Oscar.

I’m really good at online shopping (dangerously good, some might say).

Sequined clothes are my favorite and my boyfriend’s least favorite.

Voted “best dressed” in my sorority (yeah, I’m laughing at myself for including this fact too).


There’s not enough space in my apartment to store my clothes, and I hide shoes behind my couch.

Amateur food photographer/ frequent Instagrammer.