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In Boston, spring usually arrives late (very late this year) and with little warning. When it hits in full force, I start adjusting my daily beauty routine to accommodate the sunny weather and my spring wardrobe. So in anticipation of the new season, today’s post with P&G and StyleList is all about little changes you can make to freshen up your routine – using products found in your drugstore’s beauty aisle. (See all the StyleList contributors/judges here.)



First things first: spring style is all about light colors, pattern mixing (hello, florals and stripes) and flirty skirts or dresses. Living in Boston, where I spend all winter bundled up with no skin exposed, the biggest adjustment for me is making sure my legs (and underarms) are smooth and won’t scare anyone away. That means shaving and moisturizing more. In the morning, I like to exfoliate my legs (using a little olive oil mixed with sea salt) before shaving. I love the Venus & Olay razors – the multiple blades help to gently exfoliate without drying your skin (…plus the colors are pretty).


Before summer hits, I also try to brighten up my smile – because nothing enhances a tan like super pearly whites (it’s all about the contrast, people). I recently revved up my whitening regime (thanks to P&G) with a new whitening toothpaste and an at-home whitening kit. I’ve tried professional whitening kits before and I honestly think Crest Whitestrips produce the same results. If you have sensitive teeth, whitening can be a horrible experience. But I’ve found that using toothpaste for sensitivity before whitening can help. When I tried the strips again for this review, I surprisingly didn’t have any issues with sensitivity.

In this theme of lightening up, the start of a new season can also be the perfect opportunity to lighten up your fragrance (think: fresh floral scents, hints of citrus). And maybe even to switch up (ahem) your deodorant. Seriously, when it starts getting hot out there, feeling sticky and/or stinky is the worst. I always keep an extra stick of Secret in my desk drawer or bag… you know, just in case.


I’d love to hear about the new products you’re using recently. How do you switch things up in the spring?


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