it’s the most nautical time of the year

For me, Memorial Day has always signified the start of summer. Almost every year, I spend the long weekend on Martha’s Vineyard with my whole family – and even though the weather is RARELY warm enough, I get super excited for my summer wardrobe. New England is associated with this iconic preppy, nautical style (especially on MV or Nantucket), and it really starts to show at the end of May.

In anticipation, here’s a roundup of some nautical/New England-inspired items. No. 3 (a J.Crew hoodie) is a crucial addition – even when it’s warm enough during the day to sunbathe, it can still get CHILLY at night!


(Links to shop all of these items are below)

1  zara  /  2  super sunglasses  /  3  j.crew  /   c. wonder (the nautical flags spell “i love you”)  /  5  c. wonder  /  6  kiel patrick james (ADORE these bracelets)  /  7  l space  /  8  adia kibur